Making Queen Size Loft Bed

Jun 16th
Queen Size Loft Bed with Desk
Queen Size Loft Bed with Desk

Queen size loft bed – A high bed is an unorthodox piece of furniture. On the other hand, building one can release almost 35 square feet of space in your bedroom. Then plans are for a simple configuration loft with cheap wood, but can be easily altered or expanded to elegant bedroom furniture. Cut the wood with the above dimensions. If you do not have a power saw or cutting back into the wood, usually may have to do wherever you buy your wood.

Queen size loft bed sand one side of the plywood. You can sand the rest of the wood if you want, but the face must be sanded to avoid damaging your mattress. Drill four beams in two of 80 inches, with bits of the same diameter bolts. Drill holes in the center of 15 and 30 inches from each end of the beam.

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Queen size loft bed assemble a rectangle with two beams 80 inches and two 27-inch beams with the shorter beams inside the longest beams. The beams should rest on the (two inches) narrow sides. Connect the rafters with two screws at each joint, screw through the side of the longest at the end of the shorter beam.

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