Lucite Frames Decorations

Mar 31st
Square Lucite Frames
Square Lucite Frames

Lucite frames – is a material used by man as an alternative to glass for their unbreakable quality. Sometimes called Plexiglas or Persplex, the material becomes cabochon for jewelry production. Lucite cabochon settings can be stuck on the bezel to create a clean metal edge or frame around the part and create a hook to bring the piece as a pendant. A bezel can be welded into a ring or a bracelet or base circle necklace to hang as a pendant.

Lucite frames art frames that are decorated with lace trim that wrap around the cabochon. These frames are easy to use and add a nice finished look cabochon. You can paste the cabochon in the center of the mask with jewelry glue, then gently press the edges to ensure cabochon bezel in place. Use the bezel to ensure lace-Victorian cameos or cabochons looking.

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Marcos have jagged edges serrated edge like teeth that grip the edges of the cabochon. These lucite frames are easy to use, but should not be used for cabochon polished teeth because it can scratch the cabochon. Marcos procedures lace cabochon bezel edge can be configured with or without glue jewels. After the cabochon is on the wane, serrated edge of the cover can be molded around the cabochon to keep it in place.

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