21st Birthday Cakes for Amazing People

Feb 12th
happy 21st birthday cakes
happy 21st birthday cakes

21st birthday cakes that will amazing that deserves you try is the birthday cake that resembles a cinema ticket 21 or XX1, especially if you give it to your girlfriend. We all know that place we were children dating in our age is certainly not too far from the Café and Cinema. Therefore the cake with the shape seems to be an amazing if that movie ticket cake.

First you have to prepare the cake square shaped. Usually more like brownies with chocolate 70% might not be too good for the diet but in the day you can eat them freely. Then after you get your square cake coating with white butter cream, and plated again with nude butter cream (I do not know that nude or pale yellow color as the color ticket essentially normal. You know if you are in Indonesia). Then you start to decorate the writings that form the cake you become like a real ticket.

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First you create a XX1 or 21 at the tip of the cake, because it will be impossible for you to write in the middle as in the original ticket. Then you write time slot, and everything in the middle like the original. If it’s really for your lovely boyfriend then you write the title of his movie may prefer to the romantic like “me and you”, “everlasting love” and many words can you make a romantic movie titles in your cake it. You can make it from butter chocolate. But if it was your friend then you can write the title of the movie-themed friend or movie titles that you both like and once you watch, perhaps the first movie that you watch if you remember. That is a simple birthday cake for birthday 21 for your special person. Good luck.

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